Behind the Scenes

Not much is officially known about Arthur Kar. Aside from the random social postings of him rubbing shoulders with your favorite designers and artists, Kar runs a successful luxury car dealership named L’art de L’automobile, which has racked up a loyal but mysterious clientele that requires him to split his working hours between Paris and Los Angeles.

Aside from his love for cars, there’s no denying Kar’s penchant for street culture, often pairing his sneaker of the day with that of his favorite automotive. In this segment, we cruise with Kar — who’s clad in his cozy attire of choice – through Los Angeles in his Mercedes G63 AMG.

From Beverly Hills to Malibu, the carefree Kar takes us to the eateries where he recoups when life gets a little frantic, before heading to the sneaker clandestine of Project Blitz, and rounding out our trip in the Hollywood Hills. Not your usual tourist guide, Kar provides honest vacation tips from a European transplant who’s grown to love his second home.